Today I want to talk a bit more about the decision that I made to step out of the rat race of online marketing, Instagram ads, Facebook marketing, and email sales funnel bullsh**.

I’ve been in business online for many years, and in the beginning, I spent quite a bit of money on various things like marketing strategies. Very rapidly I realised that absolutely none of them were ever going to work for me, because I hated the idea of manipulating people. I’m not interested in making people aware of areas of their lives that are sh**ty, or where they’re failing, and pretending like I could fix any of that. I want to be super clear: I can’t fix your life. I don’t really want to; I’m not interested in that. But what I can do is teach you particular skills and practices that will allow you to fix your own life, and I can provide an amazing community of incredible, brilliant, funny, kind, smart women and nonbinary people that are doing that same work. 

I’m not offering to come in and be your Prince Charming. I’m not pretending, or suggesting, that I am the answer to anything. I’m not saying that I’ve got the only path, either, but I am being really clear that for the right women and nonbinary people, the tools I can teach you can help you transform your own life.

For the right people who are ready to do this challenging work, what I offer is truly transformative.

Wanting to radically change the life that we have, or radically change the way in which we engage with the world, requires quite a commitment. It requires us to confront the stories that we’re telling, and the stories that other people are telling us. That can be painful, and pretty much everyone that I work with is a trauma survivor. So, when you’re a trauma survivor, and you’re being challenged to address, look at, and change those stories that you’ve developed to keep you safe, that sh** is hard. And I think that that’s why the work that I do in the Spiritual Life Upgrade is so effective and so powerful. It’s because the people I invite in are truly ready to do this work. 

You are not weak. You are very resilient, and extremely powerful. You just need a slight readjustment of how you understand yourself, how you understand the nature of the universe, and how you understand the nature of relationships and the energy dynamics at play within them. All of these things can absolutely be mastered. 

Now, having mastered energy dynamics, having clarity around boundaries, none of these things are going to change structural oppression. None of these things are going to change the material reality that we live in, and our different varying experiences of that. But having mastery over your own energy, and having an understanding of how energy dynamics play out, will absolutely change how you engage with the world. You can learn to command a huge amount of power in every dynamic. That is what is going to change the universe for you. 

If you’re signed up to my email list, you may have seen my recent newsletter detailing my personal history. The reason I’m sharing this whole story of how I got to who I am and where I am is because I think that there is this idea that people are born with, for better or worse, particular talents. We may have particular propensities towards certain skills; some people are very artistic, some people are very intuitive, some people are very musical. But this idea that people are born as well-rounded humans or very wise or well connected or very very confident: it’s bullsh**. Certainly for me, it’s just not the case. I was a f***ing mess for years. I was probably always pretty kind. And obviously I always had very strong intuition. But, f***ing hell, I wouldn’t take my advice from ten years ago. Ten-Years-Ago-Kate was an absolute disaster, and I think that this matters. 

If you’re going to be trusting someone with your spiritual development, with your personal development, you need to know that that person has some concept of what it is to really not have a clue what the f**k you’re doing, and to have experienced difficulties and hardships in their lives.

I’m super clear: I’m a cis white woman. I’m not able-bodied, but those two privileges (being white and cisgender) give me more cultural weight and privilege than anything. My experience of the world is absolutely mediated by that. That doesn’t mean that I’m only able to support people who also have the same experience as me. But it is important that I acknowledge these privileges when I am positioning myself as a mentor.

The point is, I’m sharing all these things about how f**ked up my life was, and how f**ked up I was, not because I want any pity or sympathy. It’s because I want everyone to understand that if you’re going to invest energy, time, and trust in somebody who’s going to claim to guide you through particular spiritual and magickal practices that are going to radically improve your life, you better know that they can do it for themselves and that they have already done so successfully for themselves. I have, and I continue to do so. 

I also think that there is something really lacking in integrity with the sorts of sales emails that I get all the time that claim to tell you “this is where your life is sh*t.” I’m not interested in doing that to people. You almost certainly know better than me the parts of your life that you think could be better.

Now, I don’t need to know the specifics of where you think your life is not very good.

All I need to know in order to ascertain whether I’m able to help you, and if the Spiritual Life Upgrade is for you, are these three things:

  1. Are you really ready to do the work? That work entails confronting those stories that are probably very uncomfortable for you. 
  2. Are you kind? Every person that I invite into the Spiritual Life Upgrade is invited into the community, and this community is so precious. I need to protect that, so I only let in kind people. Kindness is something that is not a given. Not everybody is kind. 
  3. Are you self aware? Some level of self awareness is a very important prerequisite. You don’t have to be educated, you don’t have to consider yourself to be super smart or well-connected. None of that matters if you’re self aware, kind, and ready to do the work. That’s it! That’s all you need.

Believe me: it will be work. It’ll be hilarious. It will be fun. It is the most irreverent, powerful group of humans that I have ever encountered in my life, and I feel incredibly privileged to work with these people every day.

Yes, this sh*t is hard, but it’s also the only path that we have to truly changing the bits of our lives that we don’t want to be the way that they currently are. 

I also want to talk about my invitation to book calls. I know that a lot of the time, people will encourage you to book discovery calls without even telling you the price of the programme. Well, that is not me. My prices are absolutely available everywhere. You can join the Spiritual Life Upgrade with monthly payments of £333. I try to make it as accessible as I can. It’s never going to be cheap. This work is absolutely life transformational, and the amount of effort and energy (not just mine, but everybody’s that goes into supporting you and creating the most incredible container) is worth an infinite amount of money more than £333. But that’s how much it starts at, currently. So these calls are really an opportunity for you to ask questions, and to see if you actually like me, and if you feel like the programme itself will work for you. Maybe you’ll have questions about the content, or maybe you’ll have questions about how the master classes work, or the timing, or the other events.

Maybe you’ve got questions about that, but it’s not an opportunity  for me to convince you to spend money. I cannot tell you how much that is just not what this is about.

So if you have any anxiety about booking a call, thinking, God, I’m just going to be sold to, just know: That will not occur. 

I’ve always been clear that I need to make my work accessible to as many people as possible, but that does not mean my time and my personal energy can be undervalued. I put a huge amount of work and energy into creating free content. But I also believe firmly in the importance of an equal energy exchange. 

So, any mentorship that I create is never going to be cheap. It is never going to be free. And I think it would be morally wrong for it to be. The universe does not like a vacuum. Everything evens out after a while, so if I am offering an intensely powerful transformational experience for a ridiculously low cost, you best believe that is an unequal exchange of energy. Anyone offering mentorship for that amount would be looking to get their energy back some way or other, and that would end up with you being beholden to them in some way. I am not about that bullsh**.

I do everything that I can to make sure I’m being straightforward and clear about what I’m offering, and how much that means in terms of money and in terms of energy exchange. Not everybody is able, or some people are able but not willing to be in the position to make that decision, and there is truly no judgement on that. It just is what it is. I also like the analogy that somebody sent to me a couple of years ago, which is, people want to walk into a Gucci shop and pick up something that they really love and be like, Can I have this for free, or a much less reduced price? It doesn’t work like that. If you really want that sort of bespoke, luxurious, beautiful thing? You’ve got to pay for it somehow. 

My Spiritual Life Upgrade is one of the best decisions that you could ever make to invest in yourself. My students and clients can attest to this. Nobody’s going to match you in terms of your investment like us. Nobody’s going to show up in the powerful way that I can, and that my coaches and my students can, and that community, therefore, is so powerful. I am overwhelmingly confident that the decision that anyone makes to join is going to be one of the best decisions they have made in their lives. So, I’m not really ever interested in convincing somebody to spend money. It’s not my need to do it, and I don’t want to. I want everybody that has a call with me scheduled or is considering joining to be excited!

I want them to feel that yes, this is the f**king right thing for me.

I’m not going to get you there by manipulating you into thinking your life is terrible, or by telling you I’m perfect. What I can do is tell you exactly how I got here, and to do that, I need to be honest about how messy my life was before. Anyone offering mentorship should be clear about that. What I offer is genuine, and it is born out of my own lived experience. You should not settle for anything less.