I am often asked in readings and one to one sessions, to recommend particular tools, programs and people. I have finally created a page with a list of all of the tools I rely on to run my business, that you may also need, as well as a very short list of people I have worked with and whom I can recommend with 100% confidence. 


Without exception the tools, freebies and people listed here are who I go to and use myself. Some of the links are affiliate links, some are not.

Moonsight Planner
This is one of my favourite discoveries this year and it is no exaggeration to describe it as a game-changer. The digital downloadable calendar plug-in for iCal or Google Calendar tells you which phase of the moon you are in, as well as which astrological element. This is such valuable information. Want to know when’s the best time to have a difficult conversation? Check in a fire sign.  

I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! to see when the moon is next in an air sign. Want to launch a product or idea? Plan your reveal 


I use Canva most days. It’s a free design tool that makes it possible to create stunning images, brochures, Instagram posts and PDFs without any design skill at all.

This is a great bundle of templates that slot right into Canva, particularly useful to small businesses and anyone self employed. It will make creating branded and beautiful content significantly easier.

This is is a marketing, content and client management tool. If you are self employed and feel a little lost keeping up with what you should be doing when, and worry you might lose potential clients because you lose track of conversations on Instagram or DM, this is for you. It basically keeps everything organised and tells you who is needing a response, who needs following up with, and keeps track of every lead. 
Acuity Scheduling
This is the scheduling software that I use and love. It’s extremely easy to set up and manage and I think makes it very easy for clients to choose appointment times that suit them from those available. I remember when I first installed Acuity – I couldn’t believe how easy it could be to take bookings online. Now it is the only way I use to book sessions both for my one to one clients and readings.
Trello is a project management tool, which really means that it helps you to do that stuff you say you want to do. It’s like a really clever to-do list that’s online so always available, and helps you to organise your tasks in a way that makes them not feel overwhelming. If you are more of a ‘visual’ person and need to see things laid out to get them, this will be extremely useful.


Always forgetting your passwords? Me too. Now you only have to remember one! LastPass is free and absolutely essential if you have more than you in your team (and even if it is just you, makes your entire online experience easier).
This is the accounting software I use, and of all of those I’ve tried, this is my favourite. Admittedly, this is asking me what my favourite least favourite thing is, but it works and I am grateful for its existence. If you run any business you do need one of these softwares.

I love the simplicity and flexibility of MailerLite which helps me to create exciting newsletters and landing pages for my subscribers

The Witchcraft reading list

Here are some books that I think are good, and valuable, interesting and helpful!

The Element Encyclopedia of Witchcraft – Judika Illes

Judika Illes is also the author of one of my other favourite books – the Encyclopedia of 5000 spells/. She’s a really excellent writer, historian and practising witch who has a multifaceted and complex understanding of ethics in magick. This book is fascinating and a really good grounding in all sorts of magickal traditions.

The Green Witch – Arin Murphy Hiscock

This is a good grounding in herbal witchcraft and the magickal uses of herbs and essential oils

The Spiral Dance -Starhawk

This is an excellent and very important book in the resurgence of witchcraft as a feminist act. Everyone who calls themselves a witch should try and read this in my opinion!

The Triumph of the Moon – Ronald Hutton

This is slightly more of an academic book than instructional, or how-to, but it is an excellent one. This review is pretty accurate: ‘looks at the emergence of contemporary Pagan religions, and how they not only evolved from the Pagan societies of the past, but also owe heavily to 19th-century poets and scholars. Despite his status as a scholar, Hutton’s breezy wit makes this a refreshing read, and you’ll learn far more than you ever expected to about today’s Pagan religions.’

Witchcraft for tomorrow – Doreen Valiente

Valiente is one of the founders of modern Wicca – a witchcraft religion – and in this book she gives instruction on all sorts of practical issues. A worthwhile read if you’re even vaguely interested in Wicca.

Apocalyptic Witchcraft – Peter Grey.

This is a wonderfully weird, interesting, political and powerful book. Difficult to describe, it is more manifesto than instruction, more inspiration than history. True witchcraft in written form. (All of the publications from the Scarlet Imprint are fascinating).