Connect With your Spirit Guides

What would it be like to have STRONG, CLEAR and  ACCURATE  spiritual guidance?

When you have access to your Spirit Guides you


  • Make difficult decisions with ease and certainty
  • Have a confidence you’ve never experienced before
  • Feel spiritually aligned and act as such
  • Never feel lonely or disconnected again
  • Have a sense of deep calm even when in the midst of drama
  • KNOW what to do when it really matters

Boundaries for Women in Business

Do you struggle to assert yourself, or feel anxious, angry or frustrated when you do?

Perhaps you run a successful business of your own but feel sick to the stomach saying no. Does the thought of setting your prices make you want to vomit, and the idea of putting your prices UP make you want to pass out? When people ask if you offer discounts, do you feel guilty or too ashamed to stick firm to your price?

If so, you need this.

I got you.

Every secret of boundary setting, pricing correctly, how to establish and maintain clarity about what you will and won’t accept  will be shared with you in an easy, fun and quick to implement way.

I have over 20 years’ experience running multiple six-figure businesses. I started charging £10 an hour, and now charge £1000 an hour.

Learn how to set boundaries with ease and grace, and make a shit ton more money while working in integrity and joy.

The Spiritual Money Upgrade

Do you think financial security is something other people have, but is just not for you?

Do you think it’s impossible that you could ever make 6 figures or more?

If you make 6+ figures do you feel like one day it’s just going to disappear

Do you feel guilty when you have “extra” money?

Do you think it’s unethical to be wealthy?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these, THIS IS FOR YOU!