I want to talk today about signs, symbols and the ways in which we decide when an experience is meaningful. I’m interested in exploring what happens when we decide to use certain experiences in our lives as markers of importance; why and how we choose to make certain events meaningful.

Something I think is really important, and that I talk about a lot, is the idea that we make meaning. I do not think that anything in the universe (multiverse) is intrinsically meaningful. It is up to us whether we make something meaningful, and to what extent. Often when I’m reading for clients or teaching my students in the Spiritual Life Upgrade, this subject of signs and symbols, messages from the Universe if you like, comes up. What is a sign? What is a message? How does one distinguish between ‘ordinary events’ and extraordinary events? Is it simply the rarity of the occurrence that indicates meaning?

One of the things I have noticed while working with the talismans I create for Ouroborus Limited editions, is that everyone that buys a talisman, knows that they are drawn to a particular piece. They get what they describe as a message, and decide that this particular event, this particular ‘pull’ when looking at a talisman, means something, it is a sign.  With a lot of people who talk to me about their journey to buying a talisman, they describe how almost immediately after that, self-doubt starts creeping in. The rational, logical, boring, disenchanted, mundane, capitalist thinking creeps in and starts to try to undermine that sense of magic and that sense of a connection and meaning.

This is something I see all the time with my clients and with my students. One of the biggest struggles that we as women face is the constant daily push back against this overwhelming pull to disenchant our lives. We are constantly battling against this way of thinking about the world where nothing is magical, where everything has to be rational, and logical, and explainable.

You can choose a different way to live

You can decide to prioritize signs, and you can decide what has meaning and what has not. An example of this could be looking for confirmation of a decision or a choice                                                                                                                                                  to make. I can ask for a sign that what I want to do in the situation is right. I am looking for some sort of external sign to indicate that the decision I’ve already made is correct and right. In this situation I might ask the universe, ask my higher self, ask my spirit guides, ask any energies, beings, people that are in support of me, to show me a sign that the choice I’ve made is the right one. All you need to do is mentally set this intention; ask your guiding spirits “please affirm this choice I’ve made, give me a sign that this is the right way to go”. Then – and this is the key piece – be open to what that sign may be. The important thing is to go through the rest of your day, week, life, actively being open to getting that affirmation. Note that the affirmation can look like anything at all!

One of the wonderful things about growing and developing your spiritual practice is that you start to develop a whole lexicon of signs for yourself. However you understand this source of guidance, whether that be your higher self; spirit world; your guides; however you wish to describe that other external source of guidance, doesn’t matter. You can create a whole language, a sort of idiomatic way of exchanging information and knowledge with that source.

Like with all things, it is very important to avoid extremes, and there are two extremes when it comes to paying attention to signs.

Don’t let it paralyze you

want to avoid living in such a way that every single engagement that you have in the world is loaded with so much meaning that it paralyses you and ends up being utterly meaningless. You want to be selective about what you’re asking for signs about. If everything is deemed a sign, if everything is raised to a high level of significance, individual events no longer have any connection with the sacred because everything has been levelled up to the same significant importance. How is the Divine ever going to communicate something of importance to you if everything is considered important?

Do not avoid the magic

The other extreme that I see is people having no trust in themselves and their ability to connect to the Divine so that their whole life is disenchanted. They don’t feel confident or safe to decide if something is meaningful. They decide that nothing is magical, everything is just a rational, meaningless experience of just trudging through the world.

As long as you avoid the two extremes; either that of rationalism  – living as though nothing has extra meaning, or of the tendency to think that everything has meaning, there is a beautiful balance to be found in this middle space, where you can recognize that the universe around you is open for your dialogue, your engagement, and it is not static – nothing is static, nothing is flat.

Practice makes perfect

When we start this process of starting to re-enchant our lives, when we start to ask for signs and read those signs and take action on them, there is often a huge amount of self-doubt. You see a sign, you feel excited, but then the self-doubt creeps in and you question yourself. ‘what am I talking about, I am going crazy – this doesn’t mean anything.’

This is what takes practice – to be able to hear to that voice, discard it and decide in that moment, no, I’m deciding this event was meaningful. This is only something you can do. No one can do this for you. When it comes to this practice of trusting yourself, when you just keep doing it every day, trusting your judgement, following through on decisions you make, it will get easier and easier. Eventually you won’t have that battle to fight.

This is the frustrating, and also the most incredible thing about how magick works. Magick isn’t just something that occurs. The more you believe in and understand it, the more powerful it is. The more you understand how magick works, the more you feel that it work, the more is works.

So, try to maintain a middle balance between the two extremes. Practice and engage in a dialogue with the universe that says, ‘I am looking for a sign today and I’m going to receive it.’ Then when you receive it, acknowledge it.

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Dr Kate Tomas

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