Magickal work simply explained is a ritual and mental act intended to affect the world in some way. Magick has long been considered to be a superstitious practice at odds with a post-enlightenment, scientific world view.

But the that couldn’t be further from the truth. Real magick is an aspect of nature that we are only beginning to study, but the studies that do exist, consistently show again and again, that magick is real.

Magick is not nonsense, we just haven’t discovered the scientific framework to explain it yet. But think of it like this; before the theory of gravity was proposed, its not as if the world wasn’t subject to its laws. Magick is the same; just because we don’t exactly understand how it works doesn’t mean it doesn’t. And if it does, don’t you want to work with someone who understands it, and how to use it for your benefit? I know I would…

‘Substantial laboratory evidence suggests that when a mind directs its focus toward a distant object, that object will change its behavior.’
-Dr Dean Radin, The Conscious Universe, 2009.

We have used Kate’s services for over 7 years now after her name was passed to a member of our managing board.  Kate has worked on a collection of projects, some of which involved her reporting in person to the board of directors.  She is always highly professional, efficient and is able to quickly grasp what it is that we require from her. Beyond all of this, her results are quite frankly, astonishing, and I am only glad she is working for us and not our competition.  Kate could double her fees and still be one of the best value consultants we employ.

Senior Vice President of Fortune 100 company, New York (name withheld)