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Break free of the suffocating oppression of the status quo to confidently RECLAIM your power as a woman and RISE into your creatrix magic to receive infinite abundance — without crippling doubt and self-sabotage coming along to eff it up again!

With these secrets, I’ve resurrected my life from the ashes of multiple failed marriages and deep poverty to gain my PhD, teach lectures to theatres of hundreds at Oxford, and charge $$$$ to A-list directors, celebrities, and entertainers for an hour of my work. It’s taken me decades to fully receive and LIVE in my own bold and brazen radiance, but it doesn’t have to suck years from your life, woman!


The sacred process I’m going to share with you in this video series will rescue you from robot-mode and empower YOU to awaken your deepest divine potential so that you can connect with your own spiritual guidance team, set powerful boundaries in your life (and stick to them), and manifest the lush life that you truly desire, even if right now you’re not sure exactly what that looks like.

With these three secrets, I’ve risen from being a timid, agoraphobic shut-in who silently endured toxic and abusive relationships to become a woman who owns her mind, body, energy, life, and magic unapologetically.

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Break the myth of Miss Independent

Leave isolation, oppression, and poisonous self-blame behind for good.

When I first started to break away from patriarchal systems of shame, blame, and the oppression of women’s power, I thought I had to do it ALL on my own, m​ost women feel the same way​. The story goes — if I don’t sort this out myself, no one will! Together, we’ll break the myth of ‘Miss Independent’ to activate your connection with the most supportive, nurturing, wise, infinitely available force in the universe so you’ll never feel alone or uncertain again as you ascend.

Giving an eff…is going extinct!

Stop tip-toeing through the minefield of everyone else’s expectations of you, ditch the drama with your mama, and grow your beautiful brass ovaries, babe.

It’s tattooed on my arm: F*$k politeness. For eons, we’ve played roles that work well for men, for our mothers, and now for our bosses and clients…meanwhile our own life force drains to nil and we burn ourselves out completely. When you learn this simple technique to silence your inner fog-horn of fear for good, you’ll finally be able to stand up for yourself and be genuinely kind — without resorting to being a doormat.

Activate your Magical Manifestation Matrix

End the suppression of your innate wealth and silencing of your magic as you learn the secret to ruling your time, your energy, and your money like a queen!

Society tells us that as women, any sense of entitlement is evil. I call B.S. You’re entitled to, deserving of, and undeniably, ​divinely​ entrusted with infinite wealth. You may have forgotten it or never been made aware, but financially, emotionally, and spiritually you CAN thrive. You only have to be willing to leave surviving in the past to activate your Magical Manifestation Matrix. Let me show you how. This is what took me from an anxious, people-pleasing, submissive mess to reigning and resourceful as all eff. My body, bliss, and bank account have thanked me ever since.

Exactly how I instantly connect to infinite confidence and clarity to empower every decision, relationship, and manifestation in my life with feminine brilliance. This is about initiating the powerful possibilities of life and bringing them into reality, unapologetically!



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Kate Tomas activates women’s wealth and energetic ascension with her decades experience in  deep psychic and mystical work blended with the expertise of her PhD from the University of Oxford in Theology. 

Her exquisite blend of fierce feminine activism and grounded spiritual wisdom allows her to advocate for her clients through the tension of leaving their emotional drama and victimhood stories behind as they embrace the discomfort and excitement of radical spiritual ascension. Not a single woman leaves her presence without gaining a glimpse of Kate’s unshakable connection to her divine spirit guides and what might be possible for her with such a sacred relationship in her own life. 

As her clients master their energetic field, reclaim their embodied power, and awaken the magic of their money manifestation matrix, they remember their true selves and finally live their most wealthy, abundant, and unapologetic lives. 

Kate holds a powerful space for her students and clients where women who are A-list celebrities to women who are healer-entrepreneurs online come together to celebrate each other and rise as they leave competition for time, money, and attention behind for good. Scarcity shakes in its boots around Kate and her community!

Above all, the work that Kate does isn’t just doling out psychic advice to be blindly followed. She much prefers the mind-blowing emotional, energetic, financial, and orgasmic activation that happens when a woman decides to cherish the shard of the divine within herself and from it creates a life that is exactly what she desires.


“Kate takes the whole notion of psychic and turns it on its head using her intuition to help you harness your power. She’s kept me out of catastrophe time and time again and when I don’t listen she helps me see the purpose of it all. I’d die without her.”

– Lena Dunham, Actor, Writer, Director


“As a Scorpio woman living in Los Angeles, it has been my cause celebre to spend the last 40 years trying out every Psychic of the Moment so that I might report back to you my findings. And the jury is in: hands down the most powerful, insightful, intuitive, spot-on person to ever grace a deck of tarot cards is Kate Tomas. I have been blown away by Kate’s accuracy in the readings I’ve done with her over the last year. Not only that, but she’s a cool person! Run, don’t walk to book an appointment with her. She does in person or over the phone… avail yourself before Oprah finds out and it’s all over! xxoo”

– Megan Mullally, Actress, Comedian, Singer


“Working with Kate changed my life!! For the first time in. A loooong time, I’m making choices that align with how I want to live my life and how I want to be and feel. I feel like a penny has dropped or like a switch has been flicked and I woke up one day in myself for the first time.

YOU ARE MAGIC BABY. The world needs more people like you.”

– Mavournee Hazel, Actor, Activist


“Fuck!! I’m so excited. I’ve never been so motivated and driven by something, like ever!

Your work is amazing and you should be so proud of what you do. You literally change people’s lives. So much love to you.”

– Olympia Valance, Actor, Model, Business Woman