An Important, Depressing Note for all Clients.

As I’m sure you are aware, last year the UK was plunged back into the dark ages when the forces of jingoism, xenophobia and straight up-idiocy led to the country leaving the EU. I could write whole novels on the way in which this rainy little fascist island has harmed itself and others through this process, but I won’t bore you. How it affects me, and us, in this business is bleak and immediate.

We are no longer able to accept any payments, sales or purchases from any EU countries.

Due to the pathologically evil nature of Tory politics, and the especially vile and selfish acts of Boris Johnson et al, the UK left the EU without any meaningful or practicable trade deals. All businesses have to be registered for VAT in each individual country they wish to take funds from, and registering as such requires the hiring of a tax specialist accountant for each individual country. It is not financially feasible for us to do that, and so we are forced to only work with customers, students and clients in non-EU countries. It literally breaks my heart and makes me incandescent with rage, but there it is. I am sorry.