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My work is focused on helping women and non-binary people rise into higher states of consciousness.


Hi, I’m Kate

From an early age, I developed powerful psychic abilities which kept me safe in a very unsafe environment. At 14, I sought out hidden esoteric groups and spent the next 10 years learning about energy manipulation, magick (spelt with a k to distinguish it from white-rabbit pulling) and healing, in the Western Esoteric tradition. At the same time studying Classics (BA, Hons.) and Philosophy of Religion (MA, Dist.)

At 22 I had a thriving international practice as a witch, healer and psychic, & a best selling book (Chakra Crystals, 2007, 2019). I had private practices in London, New York and Glastonbury (the town, not the festival) where I consulted for individuals as well as businesses.

Large corporations sought me out, and I began a successful and lucrative career advising multi-national brands, from TV networks, through to hedge-funds. I was trusted advisor to governments, CEOs of banks, as well as people wanting advice on love and relationships.

When my own marriage felt more like a prison than a home, I applied to do a PhD in Philosophy, and when the University of Oxford chose me from the 7000 applicants for one of 2 places, I left London, my marriage, and moved to Oxford to study.

Five years of further academic study & teaching later, I was awarded the Doctorate of Philosophy in Theology, by the University of Oxford. I am a world expert in Mysticism and Catholic women mystics.

After achieving the highest level of education in my subject possible – both practically and academically – I realised that what drove me most was teaching , and sharing the knowledge and experience I have with other women. I started The Spiritual Life Upgrade in 2018 to give women and non-binary people access to the core teachings of my spiritual tradition.

The magickal esoteric traditions I am an initiate of have the ability to unleash huge power. The biggest corporations, governments and most powerful people on the globe know this and utilize this magick daily. I know this because I teach them how. When this power is used for good, it can change the world. I see a time when magickal work is once again as highly prized by ordinary people as it is to those with money and power. I think the time for a resurgence of magick has already begun.

Want to be a part of it? 

…and I only teach people who are ready to commit the time and energy to the endeavor. If that is you, please join me.

My spiritual lineage is that of the Western Esoteric Tradition

There are almost as many traditions of energy work as there are countries in the world, and my lineage is one focused upon the use of ritual magick, and based upon mastery of the energy of the body. What this means is that my teaching holds as its premise the understanding that the Multiverse (Universe implies singular, and there is no singular anything) is made up of energy, and that the human body has the ability to manipulate, shift and redirect that energy, causing material change in the world around us.

I work with people to show them how to master the energy of their own body, in doing so protecting them from the energy of others; giving them the reigns to the chariot of their own life; and showing how to not only take more control over their experience this lifetime, but also how to actively bring into form, to manifest, that which their True Will desires.