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My work is focused on helping women rise into higher states of consciousness.


Hi, I’m Kate

I work with women and non-binary people to support them in seriously upgrading the quality of their lives, all from the basis of a relationship with themselves and their Spirit Guides.

I believe that to create the life that truly brings you joy you have to show up as your full and authentic self. No hiding. The problem I had for many years was that I had very little idea who or what that even was. Certainly, I had interests and passions, but none that were taken seriously by anyone in my life, or by myself. None that clearly pointed to any particular career path or life choice. 

Most people know me as a psychic, as someone who has a really clear relationship to my Spirit Guides, and who can therefore access information others cannot. I’ve developed this ability my entire life, intentionally and actively so, for the last twenty years, but it started as a survival technique.

Despite huge success as such, I have never felt comfortable calling myself a psychic. I tried ‘Intuitive’ but that felt wrong too; Tarot reader: technically correct, but far removed from what I showed up as for people in a reading.

I then tried philosopher: formally correct since I earnt my Doctorate in Philosophical Theology from the University of Oxford, but I can assure you there’s not one member of that entire institution who would agree that what I do holds any connection to academic philosophy (and thank fuck for that).

What I do now is show up in my full power, mentoring other women and non-binary people in doing the same. I’ve made huge and irrevocable positive changes in my life and I know that you can too.

ALL of these changes have stemmed from gaining a glimpse of my true power through connecting with my Spirit Guides, and I’ve pieced together a method for glimpsing it again and again, meaning that I’m able to thrive despite my past and my current struggles.

I’ve survived multiple complex traumas that have left me with multiple complex disabilities and mental health challenges. My life is not easy but it is dramatically, significantly better than it has ever been, and I know yours can be too. I am passionate about combating oppression and about giving women access to knowledge and teaching that can empower them. I know that when you catch a glimpse of the truth of who you are, not only will you gain clarity about what you are ‘meant’ to be doing here, you’ll also never feel like an outsider again.

Join me and the incredible group of women and nonbinary people in my life-changing, year-long program, and upgrade your life, starting today. Consider this me reaching out my hand. I can help you change your life.

Will you take it?

…and I only teach people who are ready to commit the time and energy to the endeavor. If that is you, please join me.

My spiritual lineage is that of the Western Esoteric Tradition

There are almost as many traditions of energy work as there are countries in the world, and my lineage is one focused upon the use of ritual magick, and based upon mastery of the energy of the body. What this means is that my teaching holds as its premise the understanding that the Multiverse (Universe implies singular, and there is no singular anything) is made up of energy, and that the human body has the ability to manipulate, shift and redirect that energy, causing material change in the world around us.

I work with people to show them how to master the energy of their own body, in doing so protecting them from the energy of others; giving them the reigns to the chariot of their own life; and showing how to not only take more control over their experience this lifetime, but also how to actively bring into form, to manifest, that which their True Will desires.