My work is focused on helping people rise into higher states of consciousness.

Nearly every woman I know…has led a secret life.

Maybe you are, too, divine one. Playing the part of the good mother, good wife, and good girl out there in the world. Checking the boxes of the boring, vanilla, status quo…

While something mysterious tugs on you from within. Begging you to take a leap and get yourself the eff out of oppression, silence, struggle, and scarcity cycles for good!

I’ve met everyone from Hollywood royalty to CEOs of multinational corporations to online healer entrepreneurs, all of whom are living this ‘secret’ life. And let me tell you, it’s always the juicy, wise, spiritual part of their life that’s kept hidden!

Most of them dabble in intuitive practices, meditation, or occult magic, but are deathly afraid of being found out and don’t dare integrate their spiritual magic into their life, career, and relationships.

This is what keeps these women in emotional victimhood, people pleasing, and poverty and mediocrity.

With the secrets to energy magic and money manifestation that I’ve learned, I’ve resurrected my life from the ashes of multiple failed marriages and deep poverty to gain my PhD, teach lectures to theatres of hundreds at Oxford, and charge $$$$ to A-list directors, celebrities, and entertainers for an hour of my work. 

It’s taken me decades to fully receive and LIVE in my own bold and brazen radiance, but it doesn’t have to suck years from your life, woman!

I remember the terror my mother instilled in me about any mystical tools opening me to evil, even though my family claimed no religion. Now, through gaining my PhD in Theology from the University of Oxford and going through decades of deep psychic training I’ve learned the intimate ins and outs of how the patriarchal systems are keeping women stuck. And fear of our own power is the main tool.

I’m not your average activist, I’m an ascension activator.

From early childhood, I’ve been able to sense, alchemize, and create energy easily. It wasn’t until I was 15 that I realized that these skills weren’t demonic and that I could use my intuitive gifts and awareness to drastically improve my life. 

Twenty two years, seven degrees of initiation, and three degrees of education later, I now work with others to harness their own unique energy to shift from struggle and just-surviving-life into thriving as their most authentic, wealthy, and blissed-bitch selves.

This is such sacred work that I only offer the space I hold to women who are truly ready to claim a deep commitment to themselves, as they invest in resurrecting their divine birth right to riches — from the love made in their beds to the money made in their bank accounts. If that is you, I invite you to join me on this quest to ascension, radiant woman!

…and I only teach people who are ready to commit the time and energy to the endeavor. If that is you, please join me.

My spiritual lineage is that of the Western Esoteric Tradition

There are almost as many traditions of energy work as there are countries in the world, and my lineage is one focused upon the use of ritual magick, and based upon mastery of the energy of the body. What this means is that my teaching holds as its premise the understanding that the Multiverse (Universe implies singular, and there is no singular anything) is made up of energy, and that the human body has the ability to manipulate, shift and redirect that energy, causing material change in the world around us.

I work with people to show them how to master the energy of their own body, in doing so protecting them from the energy of others; giving them the reigns to the chariot of their own life; and showing how to not only take more control over their experience this lifetime, but also how to actively bring into form, to manifest, that which their True Will desires.